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Quarter 1, 2019

News review

  • Myanmar ready to deploy 5G technology
  • Singtel goes after Singaporean millennials
  • South Asia has largest mobile gender gap
  • Indosat selects Nokia for network upgrade
  • BSNL and Hughes partner up
  • Thai operators launch 5G testbeds
  • Southeast Asia overtakes China
  • Unitel launches eSIM technology
  • Storm takes out towers in Bangladesh
  • Cellcard is ‘fastest’ network in Cambodia

Wireless business

  • PLDT net income up by 41 per cent in 2018.

Wireless solutions

  • Quantenna expands .11ax portfolio with ‘unique’ architecture.


  • RAHIEL NASIR finds out how operators can cash in on ‘Big Data’ to keep users loyal.
  • Wireless Users: The rescue of 12 young boys and their football coach from a perilous situation demonstrates the benefits of rapidly deployable Wi-Fi
  • Industry View: With the new 802.11ax WiFi standard on the horizon, KEVIN WEN wonders if it offers any real advantages over Wave 2.

World news

  • Helios Towers announces upgrade
  • ESN to be launched in phases
  • Telecom Egypt’s new high-speed service
  • Sigfox and Total improve fleet management
  • Vodafone tackles ‘Wangiri’ scam calls
  • Iridium and Amazon launch IoT platform
  • Mobile money worth trillions in Kenya

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